Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Truth Behind Why Women Get Yeast Infections

Yeast infection is most of the time suffered by women usually caused by Candida albicans fungus. Although it's only normal for the body to have a growth of yeast cells, the problem comes up when these cells begin to multiply and lead to an overgrowth. If the balance in the body is disrupted, symptoms of this infection can start to manifest. While this is most common in men, men too are susceptible to yeast infection and it goes the same for both sexes that this infection must be treated right away in order to avoid further complications.

Reasons Why Women Deal with Yeast Infection

Yeast cells in the body are required but if they start multiplying, that's when infection comes in. The common causes of this infection are as follows:

· Long term use of antibiotics. While antibiotics are used to get rid of bacteria, there are those drugs that not only kill the bad bacteria but the good ones as well. When the friendly ones are killed, the balance is interrupted and the yeast cells make a person prone to vaginal candidiasis or oral thrush.

· Hormonal imbalance. Usage of birth control pills and ovulation are some of the reasons why a woman would have to deal with hormonal imbalance leading to high estrogen levels.

· Increase in levels of blood sugar. Those women with elevated sugar levels have vaginal secretions that raise the pH level making them prone to having such infection. Diabetics are very susceptible to this infection. If not diabetic, mainly too much sugar in food can lead to overgrowth of yeast cells.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Complex Ovarian Cysts: The Things You Should Be Aware Of

Ovarian cysts that occur in most women are usually functional. These types of cysts on ovaries usually pose no danger to a woman, especially when they do not grow. However, these are not the only type of cysts that can develop in a woman's ovaries.

Large cysts on ovaries are the first type of complex ovarian cysts. They usually result in a lot of complications that can sometimes make the life of the affected woman unbearable. When they press against a woman's bladder, she may not only experience discomfort but may also experience an increased need for urination. This is because when the cysts press against the bladder, they reduce the bladder's capacity to hold urine and as a result, one will constantly feel the urge to urinate. They may also result in a lot of pelvic pain, especially when they push against adjacent tissues and organs.

Dermoid ovarian cysts are complex simply because unlike other types of cysts, they are usually made from cells that produce human eggs. These cells are usually not specialized and thus can develop into anything. It is thus common for one to find them filed with hair, teeth and sometimes even human skin. Given their nature, these cysts are usually potentially dangerous because they have a tendency to grow and thus their large sizes are what usually cause complications. It is also common for these cysts on ovaries to cause ovarian torsion, something which might lead to a lot of pelvic pain and in some severe cases, internal bleeding especially if the blood vessels which supply blood to the ovaries burst due to the twisting.

Women who suffer from endometriosis are usually at a risk of developing endometriomas. These types of complex ovarian cysts usually form when endometrial tissues grow on the ovaries and thus leading to the formation of cysts on ovaries. They are usually called chocolate cysts mainly because of the fact that they usually have a deep red chocolate-like color. When they burst, these cysts usually release this fluid, something which will appear as an abnormal vaginal bleeding.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Natural Health For Women

Natural health for women is becoming increasingly popular. With the debilitating nature of hormonal ailments, together with the serious nature of problems associated with mainstream medical solutions, women are turning to the natural approach. Women, perhaps more so than men, are looking for self empowering solutions to their problems.

Women have more physical problems than do men, by the very fact that they are the carriers of the next generation. From ailments at puberty, to menstrual problems, to fertility, child bearing, birthing and breast feeding and then the menopausal period, there is plenty of scope for the body to express its imbalances.

Mainstream medical solutions to these ailments often result in worse problems. Cancer and infertility are linked to the synthetic contraception options, and cancer to hormonal replacement therapy. Pregnancy and child birth are treated as an ailment rather than as the healthy, natural condition it is. Interference is sometimes necessary, but often leads to more complications.

Perhaps because of this, perhaps because women can think laterally more easily than men, perhaps because women are so concerned for the health of their children, whatever the reason, women are becoming more proactive in their choices. Health care is no longer all about being reactive, to get a quick fix regardless of the outcome.

Not just that, but women are looking for empowering ways to take care of themselves. This is a deep desire. There is a deep dissatisfaction that all is not well. Women search the internet endlessly for natural solutions to the problems they face. To prevent further problems. To empower themselves.

There are various approaches to the natural health for women and all can be useful depending on the situation, the seriousness of the problem, the history and so on. But the is one which stands head and shoulders above the rest for various reasons. Homeopathy probably offers not only the potential to cure any problem, but it works at a very deep level.