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3 Best Breast Enhancing Herbs

Certain herbs are found to be very useful to enhance breast size. Generally, phyto-estrogens present in herbal remedies are responsible for this health advantage. It works like estrogen to improve the size of breasts. Unlike surgery, using these herbal remedies produce no scarring and other side effects on body. When searched online, today you can find a good number of herbal cures to increase breast size. Here are the 3 best breast enhancing herbs in detail. The following herbs have been used for decades as a natural method to increase breast size.


Fenugreek seed is a good source of phytoestrogens. It plays the role of estrogens and improves the production of growth hormone in body. Those women in search of best herbal remedy to treat low breast size can definitely choose fenugreek seeds for treatment. Also, it is a common herbal tonic recommended to increase milk production in new mothers. At present, you can easily get this inexpensive spice from online stores. Two main benefits of fenugreek seeds on the body include improving prolactin production and improving the flow of estrogen. This herbal treatment can be used by women of all age groups.

All women who wish to have firmer, fuller and bigger breasts can certainly include fenugreek seeds in their daily diet schedule. For user assistance, today you can buy fenugreek products from market in the form of capsules. Always make sure that you choose fenugreek product of a certified manufacturer. Also, do not exceed the dosage level recommended by manufacturer. Apart from improving breast size, you can also use fenugreek extract to cure health disorders like mouth ulcers, chronic coughs and fever.

Saw Palmetto

Saw palmetto is one of the best recommended breast enhancing herbs by physicians. Today, it is a common ingredient in almost every herbal breast enhancing products. It acts internally and improves the functioning of growth hormone with no health risk. Apart from enhancing breast size, including saw palmetto extract in daily diet can provide you various health benefits. Some of the key health benefits provided by saw palmetto include preventing infertility, aiding digestion and regenerating cells.

Fennel seed

Fennel seeds are enriched with flavonoids and are one of the best herbal remedies to increase breast size. This herbal remedy is already known for its estrogenic property. Fennel seed extract mimics the role of estrogen and improves the growth of breast cells and tissues in body. Hence you can define fennel seed extract as a stimulant and as a tonic to enhance the natural health of body. It won't induce any adverse effect on the body and can be used for long term duration. Other health benefits of using fennel seed extract include curing cholera, relieving back pain and preventing respiratory disorders.

Dandelion, dong quai and blessed thistle are another 3 best breast enhancing herbs recommended by health experts. Dong quai root improves progesterone synthesis and enhances the health of breast cells naturally. Whereas, blessed thistle enhances blood circulation throughout the body and improves milk supply. To get firmer and fuller breasts quickly, try using blessed thistle, dong quai and dandelion root extract together.

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